Evening Beginner Courses in the Oundle, Peterborough & Stamford Area

We plan to run courses from time to time, however this does depend on having suffice space in our venues.  We will contact all those on our waiting list once dates are set with course details.


We will be running beginner courses to allow new beginners to fencing to learn the basics of the sport to an Intermediate level so that they are then able to join the main Oundle, Peterborough & Stamford Epee club (as it does not take on total beginners to the sport).

Details of any currently arranged courses are detailed below and if those dates are not suitable for you, please email chrishowser@hotmail.co.uk so that we can add you to our mailing lists and we can then let you know when new dates are set for future courses. If you do have a group of 8 to 12 friends that all want to learn how to fence we would be able to discuss dates/times to suit your timetable

New Dates – tbc

Rather than taking on new beginners through beginner courses, our Stamford Session is accepting new beginners within the main club session, so you can learn the sport without attending a specific beginners course. – Contact chrishowser@hotmail.co.uk for details

Duration 5 weeks

The courses will cover

  • Introduction to the sport of fencing
  • Safety in Fencing
  • Warming up for fencing
  • How to kit up ready to fence
  • Basic Footwork and Bladework skills
  • Basic Tactics
  • Use of the electric scoring equipment
  • How fencing bouts/competitions work

Attendance to the course will teach those attending to an intermediate level so that they will be welcome to join either of the main Oundle, Peterborough & Stamford Epee Club sessions.

These evening courses are targeted for teenagers and adults, however if you are a family and wish to bring younger kids along (generally a minimum of 8 years old), please simply get in touch so we can discuss the logistics. Fencing is very much a sport for people with a wide level of fitness levels and ages, however if you do have any underlying medical condition it is advisable that you check with your doctor before commencing fencing

We are going to be running daytime holiday/weekend taster days set up specifically for slightly younger children (8 to 13 years old), please see the specific section on the site for daytime taster days for kids for more details. In addition, if there is sufficient demand for sessions for 6 to 8 year olds using ‘Mini Fence’ equipment we would be happy to run courses accordingly.

Course Price
Detailed on Application form.

If you wish to withdraw your application more than 1 week prior to the course your payment will not be cashed. Refunds after that point will not be given, however we would offer you the chance to transfer to a future course in cases of injury/illness which would cause you to miss 2 or more consecutive sessions.

What do you have to bring
Those attending these sessions will need to bring a drink as you may well get warm when taking part. You must wear full length track-suit bottoms, t-shirt, trainers with socks. We will supply all the actual fencing kit required for the sessions.

Course Numbers
Courses will generally be limited to a maximum of 12 to 14 fencers per course (will vary depending on coach availability and venue space) so it is imperative for you to apply for the courses as early as possible to avoid missing out. If there is the demand we may bring in additional coaches/experienced fencers to allow a larger group.

Continuing fencing after the beginner course
All those who have successfully completed the beginner course will be welcome to attend the OPS epee club in Oundle on Thursdays or the Peterborough sessions on Monday evenings.

Please see the OPSs page for details of the club/costs etc.

For more information and to be added to the OPS Epee Club mailing list email eliteepeeevents@hotmail.co.uk or call on 07887 522714.