SAVE THE DATE – Saturday 16th February 2019 for NEW 4 County Youth Epee Championships


With the huge expansion of Epee in the County it was decided that a Northamptonshire County Youth Epee Championships was needed for the 2011-2012 season. This was run in the east of the county where there are the largest group of epeeists based and was such a success that it was decided that this event would become an annual event.

Check-in times

All events will commence in the afternoon. Exact times to be confirmed closer to event.

If you are later than the published times for your event you are likely to be scratched from the event.

Closing Date for Entries

Entries after this date will only be accepted at the organisers discretion with additional late entry fee – see entry form. If we have a large entry, late entries may not be accepted at all or only accepted to create a suitable number for each category, so get your entries in as soon as possible. Entry cap details may be added to the entry lists once closing date arrives if needed.

County Eligibility

This is a ‘closed’ county championship so all fencers taking part must either, have their main home in Northamptonshire, go to school in the county or fence at a Northamptonshire base club (or official feeder school to that club).


Information will be placed on this site, including entry lists (updated as they are received so please check they have been received), check-in times and general information on events. Please check the website just after entries close for confirmed check-in times etc.

British Fencing Membership

All those competing at this event much be members of British Fencing for insurance purposes. As this is a ‘closed’ county event, ‘Social’ membership status is allowable, however if that is the case this is the only local competition you can attend in the year. If you have already used your ‘one event’ . A membership file will be requested from British Fencing prior to the event to confirm membership status of all those taking part.

Weapon Sizes

The Under 10 size 0 (can be borrowed if required), Under 12 and Under 14 events will be using size 2 Epees (guard to tip 82.5cm max) with the Under 16 & U18 event using size 5 weapons. Depending on entry numbers, the Under 8 Age-group may be using Epoils (combination of size 0 foil blade and Epee parts) which can be borrowed for the event if required.

Any size epees can be used for the Veteran’s event, however the norm is size 5s.

Fight times / durations

Poule fights in the Under 10 and Under 12 age-groups will be to 5 hits, however with a 2 minute fight duration. Direct Elimination fights will be to 10 hits with 3 periods of 2 minute duration (with a 60 second gap between periods).

Poule Fights for Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 age-groups will be 5 hits, with a 3 minute fight duration. Direct Elimination fights will be to 15 hits with 3 periods of 3 minute duration (with a 60 second gap between periods).

Veterans will be 5 hits, with a 3 minute fight duration. Direct Elimination fights will be to 10 hits with 3 periods of 2 minute duration (with a 60 second gap between periods).

Event Formats

The events will run with a round of poules, with all fencers promoted, followed by direct elimination (knock-out). In the first round poule, some categories may be combined (depending on entry numbers), however fencers will be split back out for the DEs and medals will be given for each age-group category. Those fencing with size 5 epees will not be combined with younger age-groups using size 2 or 0 epees to comply with BF guidelines.

Equipment regulations

All kit must conform to the British Fencing regulations (see In the under 16 and Under 18 events size 5 weapons will be used so 350N breeches and 800 Newton plastrons are required. Weapons may be tested at the event from the first round for weight and travel; however due to the use of communal weapons by a large number of the entries, cards will not be issued for failed weapons (in this regard). All fencers should ensure that the equipment they are wearing fits correctly, with suitable overlap, especially between jackets & breeches. Referees will be specifically requested to ensure this is the case. Fencers in Girls events are required to wear chest-protectors.


We are hoping to organize medals for 1st, 2nd and =3rd place for each category, however in events with very low entry numbers these may not be produced in advance and may need to be sent on to winners after the event so we do not have wasted medals.


This event will generally be run on a not-for-profit basis with quite low entry fees paying for medals and the general expense of the event. If at the end of the event any funds are left over, they will be held as a fund for future events.


There is no canteen at the venue so please bring your own supplies of food/drink. Food cannot be consumed in the hall and no open cups can be used in the hall (only bottles/cups with lids).

Data retention, Publishing of Entry lists and Results online

By entering these competitions you agree for entry lists and results to be published on our facebook page, website and linked results page (British Fencing, etc) and that data (including contact data) can be held by the event organisers to assist in future competition arrangements (including contacting you to inform you of future events).


The organizers will be arranging for some photography/videoing to occur during the event within the fencing hall. These photos may be used for publicity and may be posted on the internet. If you do have any issues with your child being included in these photos please contact the organizer. Individuals may video/take photographs during the event (no flashes please), however you must register with the organizers on the day.

For more information or if you have any questions, please email or call Chris on 07887 522714.