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This is different to usual Elite Epee Events, this is a mixed event, being run as 2 (or 3) rounds of poules, followed by DE, fighting for all places and limited to 32 fencers each event.

If event is full, we will run a reserve list as we often have fencers pull out in the run up to events.

Results – to be added

Entry List as of 27/7/21

1 Harry Peck
2 Matthew Cooper
3 Maxton Milner
4 Greg Allen
5 James Frewin
6 Edward Scott Payne
7 Timothy Devenport
8 Antoine Belot
9 Tomas Curran Jones
10 Rosislav Rusev
11 Lionel De Swart-Danko
12 Chris Howser
13 James Odgers
14 Alexander Sells
15 Callum Sutherland
16 Felix Sudderick
17 Finn Russell
18 Anthony Avis
19 Hugh Kernohan
20 Paul Willmott
21 William Ferguson
22 Jean-Luc Janet
23 Rachael Lever
24 Jess Varley
25 Matthew Lever
26 Andrew Luckman
27 Nicholas Partridge