Amazing fencing by our youngest fencers in this event catering for fencers in year 1 to 4 at school.

[fencingtime eventDescription=’Combined 1st Round’ eventStage=’Poule’ resultsFileLink=’epoil1′]

[fencingtime eventDescription=’Year 1-2 Girls’ eventStage=’DE’ resultsFileLink=’epoil2′]

[fencingtime eventDescription=’Year 3-4 Boys’ eventStage=’DE’ resultsFileLink=’epoil3′]

Well done to our event winners

Year 1-2 Girls – Izzy Howser

Year 1-2 Boys – Bradley Letts

Year 3-4 Girls – Tilly Stephen-Smith

Year 3-4 Boys – Fabian Wyer-Roberts

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