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Restarting post Covid

Following the 18 month gap since we last ran a Women’s Open event, I am really happy to announce that we have one organized, which will be taking place on Saturday 4th December 2021 at the Manchester Fencing Centre.

As part of the steady evolution of Elite Epee, we will be running a Cadet British Ranking Circuit event on the Sunday, within our Elite Epee Junior Series event and are hoping that some younger fencers will also attend the Women’s Open event.

As the 2020 season only had a single Women’s event, 2021 will again only have a single event, we are going to combine the 2020/21/22 years for our points-race, with the plan for a Grand Final in December 2022.

I look forward to seeing everyone at upcoming events.

Outline of the Elite Epee Women’s Series

Following the huge success of the Elite Epee Men’s Events over the last few years, plus the new expanded series this season, and requests by the Women’s epee scene, the first Women’s event ran successfully in July 2013 and it is planned for events to be run on at least an annual basis in future.

For 2019 we are going to run 4 Women’s series events followed by a Grand Final to match in with the Elite Epee Grand Finals weekend.

The events are being supported by Allstar/Uhlmann UK, BladesBrand UK, OPS Epee Club and Redhill & Reigate Epee Club who will all be helping with the kitting out of the event.


Event Format will depend on entry number to each event. If there are well over 64 entries in an event the World Cup format will be used, however for events with less than 64 fencers we will plan to use the Traditional Open format to allow a single wave of poules in a venue.

Bigger Events (over 64)

Top 16 Byes to last 64
One round of Poules of 7 (or 6), all fencers promoted
Top 16 in poules straight into Last 64
Remaining fencers fight off for remaining 32 last 64 spots
Last 64 DE to final

Smaller Events
One round of Poules of 7 (or 6), all fencers promoted
Direct Elimination to Final

Please note – There is no plate competition at this event.

Point Race and Grand Final

A certain amount of points will be allocated to each fencer competing at any Elite Epee Women’s event depending on the placing they achieve at that event as per the below spreadsheet. Points will be added together with all events counting towards your overall points race total.

The points race for any season can be found at

The Grand Final will generally take place in December in Peterborough/Oundle, where the top 8 available fencers will be invited to attend the Grand Final (no entry fee for the Grand Final). The format of the event will be a poule of 8 followed by Direct elimination to decide the Grand Final Champion. 

If a tie exists after all the qualifying events are completed (for the final qualifying place) the place will be decided by the best two positions gained by those fencers (addition of those placings), if there is still a tie the place will be decided by who has the highest placed single result. If after that there is still a tie, the fencer with their best result counts, then using event size where best score secured, then if still a tie by British Ranking as at Invite date.


We will use various venues which may change from season to season.  We are trying to successfully expand to differing areas around the country, however as with so many things, if certain venues fail to attract entries, they will stop being used in future years.

Equipment regulations

All kit must conform to the British Fencing regulations (see 350N breeches (minimum) and 800 Newton plastrons are required. Weapons will be tested at the event from the first round for weight and travel and cards will be given for failures (and if spare weapons/bodywires are not with you by the piste). All fencers should ensure that the equipment they are wearing fits correctly, with suitable overlap, especially between jackets & breeches. Referees will be specifically requested to ensure this is the case.

Special Rules for this event

‘Double spooling’ may be used in the first round of this event where possible if it is needed to speed up change-overs. As such fencers must be attached to the spare spool and ready to get on the piste immediately after the previous fight finishes. Referees will be asked to Yellow card repeat offenders who are delaying the poule. Poule fight orders will be posted at the end of the piste so there is no excuse for not being ready. This technique will save over 30 minutes on a poule of 7 and is required to give us all the later start time.

Equipment Stand

There will only be a limited kit stand at the event (via the Armourer) for pre-ordered kit and emergencies (socks, bodywires, blades etc), this is due to the lack of sales usually made at single weapon Epee events and the additional cost/time that it would take to have a full stand. If you have specific items from the BladesBrand or Allstar/Uhlmann range, please contact Chris to confirm this is available at an event and then Graham at the Allstar shop on 01784 255522 to order so those items can be taken along (please give enough time for stock to be shipped in if out of stock).

Minimum Age

All fencers must comply with the current British Fencing regulations for children fencing in adult events. As of January 2018, all fencers must be 13 as of the date of the actual competition taking place.

Entry Priorities

All 3+ niff fencers (GBR top 30 as of 01/03/2017 for example for April 2017 event) are guaranteed entry as long as their entry is received by closing date (subject to overall entry limit). All other entries are allocated on a first come basis (on entry received date). Please note if you leave it to the last minute and you are not in the top 30 you are likely to miss out. We will have reserves so if you realise after entering that you can not attend the event (even the day before), please inform me so I can give your place to another fencer.


Seeding for the event will be baed on the Senior Epee Rankings available on the British Fencing website as of the Thursday prior to the event. Foreign fencers with world rankings in the top 150 of the world rankings will be seeded at closing date by comparing their world ranking to the British fencers and slotting in accordingly.


With the change to a series structure all prize funds will be combined for the Grand Final. As such though there will be the Trophy (which is returned for following event) and Medals, there wil be no other prizes at those events. Referees, helpers etc will be offered a small payment for their time taken in attending.

To attract the highest niff possible to the event, all 10 niff ranked fencers as at the date of the event will have their entry fee cheques returned if they compete at the event.

We hope to be able to pay all referees and organisers approximately £50 to £65 for a full day helping to cover expenses etc in attending. Some specialist positions may receive a higher amount (first aid etc).

Withdrawals/Refunds – As we encourage fencers to enter the senior Open events as early as possible, we will offer fencers refunds of their entry fees if they do need to withdraw from the event. However to receive a refund the request to withdraw must occur at least 4 weeks prior to the event in question as otherwise staffing and other costs would have been planned with certain entry numbers and the event risks its financial viability. Refunds will be subject to a ₤5.00 administration fee.

Closing Date/Late entries 

The main closing date for all events will be 2 weeks prior to the event date (or may be earlier in some cases). At this time byes etc will be set. Entries will be still be accepted up to the receipt of post the Saturday of the weekend before the event with an late entry fee (£11.00 on top of normal entry fee), subject to the total entry cap. No entries will generally be accepted in the week preceding any event. If someone who would have been seeded in the top 16 enters after byes are allocated (for World Cup format events), they will only be able to enter if another fencer with a bye drops out before the event. 

Grand Final Prizefund

The prizefund will come entirely from entries for the Women’s series events, taking into consideration the costs etc involved in reunning those events. As such the more entries to events the bigger the likely prize-fund pot will be. Series Points race to qualify for the Grand Final can be viewed at

Data retention, Publishing of Entry lists and Results online

By entering these competitions you agree for entry lists and results to be published on our facebook page, website and linked results page (British Fencing, etc) and that data (including contact data) can be held by the event organisers to assist in future competition arrangements (including contacting you to inform you of future events).

Elite Epee Events Data Privacy Notice


We plan to run a refreshments stall with sandwiches, cakes, snacks and hot and cold drinks at Event 1 of the series in Oundle. Proceeds from this stand will go into the OPS Charity fund to assist with cost for OPS fencers attending International competitions.. We are hoping that the other venues will be running refreshments for the other venues.


If you have any questions regarding the event, please email me at