With the demise of the Epee.me Results website, we will steadily be trying to find and detail results on this page.  This will be a long job and we will work on them over time.

If you need specific results info, please do ask as I have the files, just the format is not displaying correctly and I am having trouble rectifying this.

[sta_anchor id=”2018″]2018[/sta_anchor]

[ft year=”2018″ eventNumber=”3″ sex=”Womens” desc=”Event 3 – Sunday 1st July 2018 – Newcastle”]
[ft year=”2018″ eventNumber=”2″ sex=”Womens” desc=”Event 2 – Saturday 24th February 2018 – Oundle”]
[ft year=”2018″ eventNumber=”1″ sex=”Womens” desc=”Event 1 – Saturday 6th January 2018 – Millfield”]

[sta_anchor id=”2017″]2017[/sta_anchor]

[ft year=”2017″ eventNumber=”4″ sex=”Womens” desc=”2017 Grand Final”]
[ft year=”2017″ eventNumber=”3″ sex=”Womens” desc=”Event 3 – 19th November 2017 – Manchester Fencing Centre”]
[ft year=”2017″ eventNumber=”2″ sex=”Womens” desc=”Event 2 – 16th July 2017 – Newcastle Fencing Centre”]
[ft year=”2017″ eventNumber=”1″ sex=”Womens” desc=”Event 1 – Saturday 8th April 2017 – Oundle School”]

[sta_anchor id=”2015″]2015[/sta_anchor]

[ft year=”2015″ eventNumber=”1″ sex=”Womens” desc=”Summer 2015 Event”]

[sta_anchor id=”2014″]2014[/sta_anchor]

[ft year=”2014″ eventNumber=”1″ sex=”Womens” desc=”Summer 2014 Event”]

[sta_anchor id=”2013″]2013[/sta_anchor]

[ft year=”2013″ eventNumber=”1″ sex=”Womens” desc=”Summer 2013 Event”]