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2021 – Elite Epee Men’s Series Event 3 @ City of London Freemen’s School
Oct 24 all-day

Full series details as well as entry fees are detailed on the 2020/1/2 Men’s Series entry form

Venue – City Of London Freemans School, Ashtead Park (near Leatherhead), Surrey, KT21 1ET

Initial entry closing date – 10th October 2022.  Entry cap 70 / 77 fencers

Check-in close time & start – 10.15am – Confirmed time

Entry Form – form

Current Series entry list. – Entry List – 

Coaches – Coaches must register that they will be attending the event.  Coaches need to email with their BF membership number to be added to the event coaches register.  Coaches must be members of British fencing, be BF registered coaches and complete the event health survey to attend.



Live results – to be added

Elite Epee Men’s Series Event 4 @ The Manchester Fencing Centre
Dec 5 all-day

Full series details as well as entry fees are detailed on the 2020/1/2 Men’s Series entry form

Venue – Manchester Fencing Centre, Osborne Mill, Waddington Street, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 6QH

Initial entry closing date – 20th November 2020.  Entry cap 70 fencers

Entry Form with event pricing – form

Current Series entry list. – Entry List – 

email to check event availability and reserve your spot )once entry form is available.

Live results – to be added

Elite Epee Men’s Series Event 5 @ Moulton College
Feb 20 all-day

Full series details as well as entry fees are detailed on the 2020/1/2 Men’s Series entry form

Venue – Pitsford Centre Sports Hall, Gate 4, Pitsford Road, Moulton, Northants. NN3 7SX

Initial entry closing date – 10th October 2022.  Entry cap 70 / 77 fencers

Check-in close time & start – 10.00am (earliest planned)

Entry Form – form

Current Series entry list. – Entry List – 

email to check event availability and reserve your spot (once entries open)

Live results – to be added


Points Race Rankings – Link

Current situation with Covid pandemic

British Fencing has signed off the restart of events.  We look forward to getting everything going again.

Background of the Elite Epee Men’s Series

Following consultation with many of the top GBR Epeeists, it was decided that there was sufficient interest for the Elite Epee Senior Events to commence back in 2010. In the first year we ran only one men’s event in Surrey, which expanded to 2 events in 2012, 3 in 2013/14, and had 9 planned in 2020 all around the country before Covid hit.

With 2020 having only 2 events and 2 planned for 2021, we will be combining the 2020/21 & 22 seasons to get a good number of events for our rankings.

The events are being supported by Allstar/Uhlmann UK, BladesBrand UK and OPS Epee Club who will all be helping with the kitting out of the event.. 

Thanks also to The Epee Club for supplying the Elite Epee Senior Men’s Trophy.

Point Race and Grand Final

A certain amount of points will be allocated to each fencer competing at any event depending on the placing they achieve at that event as per the below spreadsheet. Points will be added together with all 9 events counting towards your overall points race total.

The points race for any season can be found at

The Grand Final will generally take place in December in Peterborough/Oundle, where the top 8 available fencers will be invited to attend the Grand Final (no entry fee for the Grand Final). The format of the event will be a poule of 8 followed by Direct elimination to decide the Grand Final Champion. 

If a tie exists after all the qualifying events are completed (for the final qualifying place) the place will be decided by the best two positions gained by those fencers (addition of those placings), if there is still a tie the place will be decided by who has the highest placed single result. 

Closing Date/Late entries 

The main closing date for all events will be 2 weeks prior to the event date (or may be earlier in some cases). At this time byes etc will be set. Entries will be still be accepted up to the receipt of post the Saturday of the weekend before the event with an late entry fee (£11.00 on top of normal entry fee), subject to the total entry cap. No entries will generally be accepted in the week preceeding any event. If someone who would have been seeded in the top 16 enters after byes are allocated, they will only be able to enter if another fencer with a bye drops out before the event. 


For 2021/22 –

Following discussions with British Fencing we will not be able to run the Elite Epee Senior Competitions using the World Cup format for the foreseeable future, as this does not really fit into the BF Weapon Strategy for ranking events.

The change to a traditional event format of one round of Poules (no cut) followed by Direct Elimination supports the changes made within the BF selection policy and ranking scheme, promoting more competition within the ranking scheme and will ensure the Elite Epee Series events will continue to be included as a qualifying ranking event.

Hopefully at some point in the future will be able to run events on a World Cup Basis again with a limited entry (and slight adaptation). Overall entry limited depending on venue size to allow a single wave of poules. Top 16 seeds receive bye direct to L64, with later check-in time (bye must be taken – no opt out). After 1st round (poules of 7 ideally), all fencers are promoted with the top 16 ranked from the poules receiving byes to L64 (17th to 32nd spots in Tableux), the remaining fencers (17th seed onwards from poule round) fight of the Direct Elimination Preliminaries to secure 33rd to 64th spots in the last 64 tableaux, The top 16 seeds will join the event at last 64 stage and direct elimination is run to the final.  If there are insufficient entries for a complete last 64, we reserve the right to adapt format to traditional open format (i.e. all fencer in first round). This choice will be made near the date of any event (usually on entries close date).

Please note – There is no plate competition at these event.


Address details can be found on the entry form and include Millfield School in Somerset, CLFS in Surrey, Moulton College in Northants, Newcastle Fencing Centre and the Manchester Fencing Centre

Equipment regulations

All kit must conform to the British Fencing regulations (see 350N breeches (minimum) and 800 Newton plastrons are required. Weapons will be tested at the event from the first round for weight and travel and cards will be given for failures (and if spare weapons/bodywires are not with you by the piste). All fencers should ensure that the equipment they are wearing fits correctly, with suitable overlap, especially between jackets & breeches. Referees will be specifically requested to ensure this is the case.

Special Rules for this event

‘Double spooling’ may be used at this event if it is needed to speed up change-overs. As such fencers must be attached to the spare spool and ready to get on the piste immediately after the previous fight finishes. Referees will be asked to Yellow card repeat offenders who are delaying the poule.

Entry Priorities

All GBR Senior Top 50 fencers and 10 NiF fencers are guaranteed entry as long as their entry is received by initial entries close date (subject to overall entry limit). All other entries are allocated on a first come basis (on entry received date). Please note if you leave it to the last minute and you are not in the priority group you are likely to miss out. We often will have a reserve list so if you realize after entering that you can not attend the event (even the day before), please inform me so I can give your place to another fencer.

Byes and Seeding

Due to us having to give suitable notice to fencers who will receive byes, seeding for the event is based on the Senior Epee Rankings available on the British Fencing website as of closing date of each event (or as stated on the entry form). This allows us to allocate byes in advance giving competitors time to organise accommodation etc if they are close to the bye/no bye cut off mark. This also means that if a fencer enters after closing date and is ranked higher than the lowest ranked fencer with a bye, they will be placed on a reserve list and only be able to take part if another of the fencers with a bye who has been allocated a place drops out. Fencers ranked lower than the fencer with the lowest ranking, but with a bye, can enter after closing date if spaces are available (with late entry fee). Foreign fencers with world rankings in the top 200 of the world rankings will be seeded at closing date by comparing their world ranking to the British fencers and slotting in accordingly.

Minimum Age

All fencers must comply with the current British Fencing regulations for children fencing in adult events. As of January 2018, all fencers must be 13 as of the date of the actual competition taking place.


The Elite Epee Events are known for running some of the best events in the country. As such entry fees are not as low as some Open events, however we do try to keep our entry fees lower than comparably run events. The entry fee has risen over the last few years, which takes into account increasing costs for Hall Hire, van hire, fuel etc and allows the events to keep to the high quality of refereeing/hardware for the events going forward.

Rather than offer prizes at each individual event, as we have offered in previous years, a prize fund will build up through the season to be fought for at the Grand Final. This fund will be split between the 8 Grand Finalists with the overall winner taking the biggest share and comes from a portion of entry fees through the whole series, therefore the more entries the bigger the likely prize fund.

We hope to be able to pay all referees and organizers approximately £70 for a full day helping to cover expenses etc in attending. Some specialist positions may receive a higher amount.

Withdrawals/Refunds – As we encourage fencers to enter the senior Open events as early as possible, we will offer fencers refunds of their entry fees if they do need to withdraw from the event. However to receive a refund the request to withdraw must occur at least 4 weeks prior to the event in question as otherwise staffing and other costs would have been planned with certain entry numbers and the event risks its financial viability. Refunds will be subject to a £5.00 administration fee.


Following discussions with many of the top fencers at past events, from Autumn 2012 we are planning to mix our experienced referees with some of the development referees who have picked up lots of experience at the Junior Series events. This is due to the difficulty we have had getting a suitable number of more senior referees to attend the events, but also to help these younger referees build up their confidence in refereeing for the future. Please note, only referees that I am confident in will be offered the chance to referee these events.


As well as the cash prizes detailed above for the Grand Final, we are delighted to have been presented a trophy by ‘The Epee Club’ which will be presented to the Champion of each event to keep a record of champions for the future. This trophy can be held by the winner until the next event of the series.

We would like to thank the Epee Club for their generosity towards adding that little extra bit for the event.


Refreshments will be available at events, however Covid does mean that lots of extra measures are required.  We will confirm in the run up to events what will be available.

Data retention, Publishing of Entry lists and Results online

By entering these competitions you agree for entry lists and results to be published on our Facebook page, website and linked results page (British Fencing, Fencing Time Live etc) and that data (including contact data) can be held by the event organizers to assist in future competition arrangements (including contacting you to inform you of future events).

Elite Epee Events Data Privacy Notice


If you have any questions regarding the event, please email me at