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Elite Epee Junior Series Event 5 @ Moulton College
Feb 19 all-day

Venue – Pitsford Centre Sports Hall, Gate 4, Pitsford Road, Moulton, Northants. NN3 7SX

Full details as well as entry fees are detailed on the 2020/1/2 Entry form – Form.

Online entry submission –  Online entry

Initial entry closing date – 5th February 2022.  Caps may need to be added before closing date.

Current Entry List – Entry List – 

Event Format – One Round of Poules, no cut, followed by Direct Elimination.

(Combining events for poules or a variation of format may be needed if entry numbers are low)

Schedule (to be added) Planned earliest event check-in 10.00am

Live results link (to be added)

Current Elite Epee Junior Series Points Race (Link to be added)

Elite Epee Junior Series Event 6 @ City of London Freemen’s School
Apr 9 all-day

Venue – City Of London Freemans School, Ashtead Park (near Leatherhead), Surrey, KT21 1ET

Full details as well as entry fees are detailed on the 2020/1/2 Entry form – Form.

Online entry submission –  Online entry

Initial entry closing date – 26th March  2022.  (Event caps may needed).

Current Entry List – Entry List – 

Event Format – One Round of Poules, no cut, followed by Direct Elimination.

(Combining events for poules or a variation of format may be needed if entry numbers are low)

Event Schedule and check-in times – To be added – Earliest planned check in 10.00am.

Under 17 event is not a BRC ranking event

Live results link – to be added in advance of event

Coaches – Coaches must register that they will be attending the event.  Coaches need to email with their BF membership number to be added to the event coaches register.  Coaches must be members of British fencing, be BF registered coaches, appear on the Coach Search on the BF website and complete the event health survey to attend.


Points Race Rankings – Link

Restarting of Junior Series following Covid restriction relaxations.

The 2020 series has now been merged to create a  combined 2020/2021/2020 season, with our first full event is planned for October 2021.  So great to get everyone back into events.


In 2007 the steady increase of top level Junior Epee Fencing in and around the Surrey area led us to believe that there was a real need for a series of local competitions to help nurture the local talent and help introduce less experienced fencers to competition fencing. Over the years the series has flourished and is now widely regarded as one of the best run series of events and most enjoyable in the country.

The series is open to fencers from all counties & countries, not just Surrey and has attracted fencers from all around the country with fencers travelling from as far afield as Wales, Scotland, Newcastle, Plymouth and even the Channel Islands to take part in the events.

As well as great events to gain experience in competition, the Elite Epee Junior Series Events are used within the England Youth Rankings for selecting England teams for International trips each year.

Series Structure – Updated for 2018 season

The Elite Epee Junior Series in 2018 onwards will continue with the successful format of the previous series and will now consist of 7 events per calendar year (subject to available dates and venues), plus the Grand Final for the top 8 available fencers for each age-group category. Each of the series events will have 4 age-groups with separate Boys and Girls events. The first 7 Events of the series will count as qualifier competitions in which competitors will receive points towards a series ‘Points Race’ ranking. The top 8 ranked fencers in the season (place countback if required) after the qualifying events from each age-group will then be invited to attend the Series Final to find the overall series champions for each group.

Age-Groups for Series

Age-Groups from 2016 onwards will be Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 17. Age datelines will be the fencer’s age as of 1st January of the season of event (i.e. age as of 01/01/2017 in 2016/17 season, years of birth for each age-group are detailed on application form for clarification). These age-groups were chosen to most effectively promote schools/youth fencing locally. The Under 17 age-group has been expanded into to allow fencers to develop their cadet level fencing while avoiding the pressures to the Cadet Ranking Circuit. Fencers can only compete at their own age-group and ‘fencing up’ an age-group is not permitted in the Junior Series.

Points/Ranking System

The points system for the 2016-17 season onwards will use the same points scheme as in recent years and will count points received from all the events of the season (except Grand Final) in the Points Race.

If a tie exists after all the qualifying events are completed (for the final qualifying place) the place will be decided by the best two positions gained by those fencers (addition of those placings), if there is still a tie the place will be decided by who has the highest placed single result.

The actual Points race can be found at in the Elite Epee ranking area  .


In 2020 events will now be held at the following venues, which venues are used in a season will vary depending on availability on required dates.

  • Millfield School, Somerset
  • Moulton College, Northants
  • City of London Freemen’s School, Surrey
  • Oundle School, Northants
  • The Manchester Fencing Centre
  • The Newcastle Fencing Centre
  • Grand Final – Peterborough School

Event Formats

We try to run the events in as a professional manner as possible with referees and helpers receiving expenses for their attendance. Entries will be capped to ensure the events are run in a smooth manner with no requirement for multiple waves of poules in the first round. The initial events will usually run with one round of poules (ideally of 7s and 6s, however this size poules is not possible for all entry numbers), followed by Direct Elimination down to the winner, however the organisers reserve the right to adapt this format if it is thought that the entry number requires a different format. The 5th event, ‘The Series Final’ will run as a poule of 8 followed by Direct Elimination to find the Series Grand Final Champions.

Check-in and start times will be published approximately 2 weeks before the initial events once a good idea of entry numbers are known. Entry caps will be detailed on this website if they are required once entries start coming in and a entry cap for each event will be set at closing date for each event. In past years we have tried to set earliest check-in closing times at 10.00am to give fencers time to travel from many areas of the country on the day, however if numbers and circumstances require, some events may have to start earlier (9.00am or such) but we will try to avoid this. Dependant on numbers some events may start in the late afternoon/early evening to ensure each event is finished with as little waiting around as possible with the last final being completed as early as possible. The plan is for events to start as close to the check-in times as possible so you will probably be scratched if you are not checked-in on time. Please ensure you give yourselves spare time to arrive at the event before your check-in closes.

Seedings for the first event of the season will be taken from the series points race from the previous season. Seedings for later events will be taken from the current season’s points race.


Information will be placed on this site, including entry lists (updated periodically and more often coming up to closing dates), so please check they have been received), check-in times and general information on events. Please check the website just after entries close for confirmed check-in times etc.

Weapon Sizes

Under 10 – Size 0
Under 12 – Size 0 or 2
Under 14 – Events up to British Youth Championships of that season (early may-day bank holiday), Size 0,2. Events after BYCs choice of 0,2 or 5
Under 17 – Size 0, 2 or 5

Please note that the Under 14 size choice has been made following discussions with a number of coaches and takes into account when many fencers change up from size 2 to size 5 weapons following their last BYC U14 event.

Epee Lengths

Size 0 Epees (guard to tip 77.5cm max)
Size 2 Epees (guard to tip 82.5cm max)

Fight times / durations – To match British Youth Championship format

Under 10 age-group – Poule fights will be to 5 hits, with a 2 minute fight duration. Direct Elimination fights will be to 10 hits with 3 periods of 2 minute duration (with a one minute gap between periods).

Under 12 age-group – Poule fights will be to 5 hits, with a 3 minute fight duration. Direct Elimination fights will be to 10 hits with 3 periods of 2 minute duration (with a one minute gap between periods).

Under 14 age-group – Poule fights will be to 5 hits, with a 3 minute fight duration. Direct Elimination fights will be to 15 hits with 3 periods of 3 minute duration (with a one minute gap between periods).

Under 17 age-group- Poule fights will be to 5 hits, with 3 minute duration and in the Direct Elimination fights will be to 15 hits with 3 periods of 3 minute duration.

Equipment regulations

All kit must conform to the British Fencing regulations (see In the under 17 event (and Under 14 event after BYCs of that season) size 5 weapons will be allowed to be used so 350N breeches and 800 Newton plastrons are required. Weapons may be tested at the event from the first round for weight and travel; however due to the use of communal weapons by a large number of the entries, cards will not be issued for failed weapons (in this regard). All fencers should ensure that the equipment they are wearing fits correctly, with suitable overlap, especially between jackets & breeches. Referees will be specifically requested to ensure this is the case. Fencers in Girls events are required to wear chest-protectors.


Medals will be awarded to the top 4 in each individual event for the initial competitions of the series. The Final Event will award prizes to all the 8 qualified fencers consisting of medals/plaques & fencing equipment vouchers. There will also be a trophy awarded to the Grand Final winners which will be returned and presented annually.


The series runs mainly on the entry fees received from fencers attending the events, with assistance from sponsors and other kind contributors/donors to the series. These funds pay for the running of the events including venue costs, referees, other staff (armourers, DT etc), hire chanrges for kit, van hire and every other imaginable cost In addition their is a prize fund for the Grand Final to pay for equipment vouchers, which in past years has been well over 3.5K, which we aim to continue going forward. Funds that are excess to the running of the events will go towards the time and expence of running th events by the competition organisers.  Prizes not collected by fencers at the Grand Final (if they leave before presentations) will be deemed as donated to our local fencing set up to support fencers that need help in securing equipment.

Refunds for withdrawals

Generally refunds are not given for fencers who do withdraw from events, however in cases that fencers withdraw 4 weeks or more in advance of an event taking place requests will be considered. Any refunds would be subject to a ₤5.00 administration fee, which would be taken off any returned funds.  Refunds will be made by bank transfer only and require an emailed request.

Referees/Event Officials

These events are only possible due to the huge efforts put in by the team of referees and other officials who attend the event. We do have a range of referees, from those who are fully qualified FIE referees who have refereed previously at Olympic Games, to those just starting out on their refereeing careers who are using these events to gain experience prior to taking theoir refereeing exams. Please note that we will only have referees at these events which we are confident in their abilities and experience of fencing.

All referees and officials are offered expenses to cover attendance at the events. Due to the tight budget (and to save on admin) this is on a flat rate basis.

If you are a referee, or a competent fencer who wishes to gain experience from refereeing at our events, please feel free to get in touch.


The organizers will be arranging for some photography/videoing to occur during the event within the fencing hall. These photos may be used for publicity and may be posted on the internet. If you do have any issues with your child being included in these photos please contact the organizer. Individuals may video/take photographs during the event (no flashes please) as per British Fencing guidelines – see

Equipment Stand

Generally the cost involved in having a substantial equipment stand and the sales it creates makes it unfeasible to have a full equipment stand at events. What we can arrange for some events is a delivery service for competitions as I do visit the Allstar/Uhlmann & BladesBrand shop in advance of many Elite Epee events. Those who enter events will have this process detailed in time to make orders when available.


We cannot guarantee that we will have refreshment stands at all the events, however it is planned. If we do we will let those entering know in advance, however it is always advisable to bring your own supplies of things you like to eat anyway. We will let all those entered know what will be available prior to the event.

Data retention, Publishing of Entry lists and Results online

By entering these competitions you agree for entry lists and results to be published on our Facebook page, website and linked results page (British Fencing, etc) and that data (including contact data) can be held by the event organisers to assist in future competition arrangements (including contacting you to inform you of future events).

Elite Epee Events Data Privacy Notice


If you are interested in sponsoring the series or any part of the series please contact us.